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Bridal Hair + Makeup trial

Why should I book a bridal trial?

A bridal hair and makeup trial will give you the opportunity to communicate exactly what type of makeup look you want for your wedding day. You will get to see firsthand how your makeup artist works and you will have an estimate of how long your look will take.

Behind the scenes + in my element..

How should I prepare before the bridal hair and makeup trial?

Come to your appointment with a makeup free, moisturised face and clean blow-dried hair, ready for me to work my magic.

Exfoliate your skin the night before your trial to get that beautiful healthy skin and glow!

Maybe you can send me a few pics of your desired hair and makeup look for your special day, and also a selfie, so I can prepare.

I would love to see a photo of your wedding dress, so I can help you advise what style suits with your wedding dress.

You’re also welcome to bring images of any relevant wedding details (your dress, flowers, bridesmaids dresses) and your jewellery.

Pro tip:

Always wear white or cream at your trial, so you can see how the makeup looks with the plain colour. Generally you will need a little bit of extra colour on the cheeks, to achieve a healthy, natural, radiant skin + bridal glow.

How can I communicate exactly what I want?

The #1 tip for this is to research makeup prior to your trial using inspiration platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. 

Find looks that stand out and represent your dream look. It’s best to search for styles on faces that are similar to you in skin, eye, and hair colour, because this means you’ll have an accurate idea of how those colours and styles will suit you. 

It’s also a great idea to sift through your chosen makeup artists’s Instagram profile or website for inspiration from past looks they’ve created — after all, they are experts on their own work!

What if I forget how the makeup looks in the lead up to my wedding day?

At your trial I’ll be sure to take photos of your completed look so you can remember all the gorgeous details. I will write down all the details we have used on your face and hair and will make lots of photos.

Also, take plenty of post-appointment selfies — you’ll be feeling yourself!

What if I have particular product preferences?

When you book in, be sure to mention any sensitivities or special requests so I can be fully prepared with the perfect product choices for your dream look. I work with the highest quality makeup products for the best flawless and long-lasting results and suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Bridal Touchups?

Prepare yourself and bridal party for touchups. but make sure the mums and bridesmaids have considered what they’ll need throughout the day. If you’d like some help with these choices, I’d be delighted to recommend colours that would suit the bridesmaids’ colouring and dresses at your makeup trial. Or please check out my website where you can order the high-end quality makeup products I work with at:

Pro tip:

Book a night out with your besties the day of your trial, or book an engagement photoshoot with your love. Make the most of your glam look for the day/night and take advantage of makeup that will last all day/night, no matter how enthusiastic the laughing/ happy tears/ dancing!!

PS: Communication is the key, we create a customised bridal look together. The whole process is definitely a collaboration between the client and makeup artist + hair stylist.

If you have any other questions... please feel free to contact me anytime as I would love to help you with all your bridal hair + makeup planning / needs.

I can’t wait to meet you and hear all about your dreamy wedding plans!

Marlies x

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